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This Request Form is a contract, in which you promise not to perform a perusal script.
It is a violation of copyright law to perform a script without the author’s permission and the penalties are very harsh. Neither of us wants that. We want to work together to make a happier world thru theater.

My royalty prices are so cheap that it is ridiculous to risk a lawsuit, but still it happens, usually by the script falling into the hands of someone who doesn't know the rules.
You can prove your right to perform, if asked, by your emailed receipt or my email to you thanking your for your royalty payment for perfromances to which your script is attached.

I may call or email you with questions. The classroom script will be an emailed PDF and have the word "PERUSAL" on it.

-- Jeannette Jaquish, 260 750-9013 cell phone or 260 484-5946 landline.

- - - -
What is your full name?
What is the name of the theater or business or school which is considering the script or where students will read it?
What is the theater, organization, school, or director's address, including state, country and zip code?
What is the name of the director or person in charge, and their title?
What is your email address to contact you?
If you want the perusal sent to a different email address, write it here:
What are your phone numbers?
What is the website of the theater, school or organization reading the script?
Please write a simple sentence asking me to send you a perusal script and its title. For example, "Please send me a perusal script of "Dr. Frankenstreudel."

---- You don't have to answer these 5 questions, but it can help me help you find the right script or version of that script or suggest other scripts.
1 What cast size do you expect?
2 What age range of actors do you expect?
3 What length of show do you want?
4 How many hours of rehearsal do you plan?
5 What is your group of actors' and techs' level of experience?

Your Promise: Now write a sentence promising to be responsible for not allowing the performance of this perusal script.
(You don’t need to write it out, but this means you will not post the script online and you will not give the script to someone without explaining what perusal means, and if you see someone planning to produce it, you speak up and tell them not to, and direct them to to pay the small royalty. And you let me know if someone is doing it anyway, so I can contact them. I will be nice about it and not mention you, and you telling me fulfills your responsibility, and saves them from committing copyright violation.)

Write that if you decide to perform, you or the organization you represent will pay the royalty.

I understand that you might not be the person in charge. You may be a staff person, actor or parent who simply is scouting for a script, and you don’t want to be held responsible if the theater, director, school or an actor takes the script and mis-uses it. The person in charge must be sure that this script does not get taken by someone and performed without paying royalty or at least asking my permission. If you trust the person in charge, go ahead and sign this form saying you will be responsible and send it, but you would be safer to ask the person in charge to go to and fill out this form themself. Anything else you want to tell me?

Now write “Signed,” and again write your full name.

And click "Submit" and you are done!
Thank you! I will send your perusal script, probably within a day. You may, if you like, call me at 260 750-9013 or 260 484-5946 between 8am and 10pm Eastern Standard Time USA to let me know you have made a request.

Signed, Jeannette Jaquish