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Charlie Brown & Snoopy Shows

Costumes for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" & "Snoopy: The Musical"

From Left to Right, Front Row:
Lucy: Blue Dress (stretchy) & bloomers: $5.00/week, Deposit: $70.
Freida: Flowered dress with purple sleeves: $3.00/week, Deposit: $25.
Sally: Pink Dress & bloomers: $5.00/week, Deposit: $70.
Peppermint Patty: Red striped shirt: $3.00/week, Deposit: $20
Violet: Purple Dress: $4.00/week, Deposit: $70.
Snoopy: head piece, body, booties & paws: $8.00/week, Deposit: $120.
Back row:
Schroeder: light & dark green striped shirt: $2.00/week, Deposit: $15.00
Sorry, No Charlie Brown shirt. Those are available on the internet.
Linus: red with black thin stripes shirt: $2.00/week, Deposit $10.00
1 pair of saddle shoes (not shown): $1.00/week, Deposit: $10
Also have some 2 foot long hollow plastic crayons as props.

PACKAGE DEAL: All costumes, no shoes: $25.00/week, $290 deposit.
Add shoes if needed.
Plus actual shipping cost plus $10 packing fee.

You pay shipping to return costumes. Wash costumes on gentle cycle in warm water, tumble dry. Don't bother ironing, just ship back wrinkled and clean.
Lucy & Violet's dresses have flexible plastic tubing in the hoop skirts, included, that you will need to finish sliding into place.
Costumes may need ironing when you un-pack them. If you damage or stain costumes, try to repair or clean them if you have that skill. Damage or stains will be deducted from your deposit up to the value of the costume. If it reaches the value of the costume, you may have the costume.

Contact Jeannette Jaquish at 260 484-5946 to work out the details.